Growing up can be tough. Everything is being experienced for the first time in childhood and feelings can get very big very quickly. One of the most important skills a child can develop in life is the ability to recognize their emotions and verbalize how they feel in productive ways. This engaging book provides self-identification tools, talking points, and essential oil partners to help children feel safe expressing themselves, experiencing their emotions, and finding their own positive solutions. 


Amanda Porter

Amanda Porter is a professionally-trained facilitator in emotional healing and author of the best-selling book on essential oils for emotional healing, Emotions & Essential Oils. Emotions & Essential Oils was first published in 2012 by Enlighten Healing and sold over half a million copies worldwide, with 7 editions in total. Amanda continues to tour and speak internationally on the emotional healing aspects of essential oils. She is passionate about helping people survive, and then thrive, thanks to emotional healing. She is also mother to two phenomenal children who are her very best teachers and continually inspire her to dig deeper and become more.


Emotions & Essential Oils for Kids EN

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